Our Teams

At Codehit Solutions, our teams are the heartbeat of innovation. A diverse blend of talents collaborates seamlessly, combining creativity with technical expertise. Together, we forge dynamic solutions, ensuring excellence in every project. Meet the driving force behind your success.

Unleashing Synergy: The Powerhouse Teams at Codehit Solutions

“At Codehit Solutions, our teams are a dynamic fusion of talents dedicated to innovation. Collaborating seamlessly, we blend creativity with technical prowess to craft cutting-edge solutions. Our diverse and skilled professionals are the driving force behind the success stories we create for our clients.”

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team is a powerhouse of diverse talents, seamlessly blending creativity and technical expertise to deliver innovative and client-centric solutions.

Om Kiran Rajbhandari

Chairman | Founder

Ankit Jaiswal

CEO | Founder

Hridesh Poudel

COO | Co-Founder

Santoshi Chaulagain

Senior Project Manager

Karuna Upreti

Head of Marketing

Pradip Magar

Backend Developer

Gupta Shrestha

Frontend Developer

Karishma Giri

Flutter Developer

Sikshya Dulal

Head of HR

Sumi Tamang

Social Media Manager

Kiran Upreti

Business Analyst

Aakash Jaiswal

Quality Assurance Engineer

Space to Make Your Greatest Impact.

Codehit Solutions is your unparalleled partner, delivering excellence in website, mobile app, and software development. With a commitment to innovation, client-centric solutions, and reliable support, we ensure your decision to choose us is the best one you’ve made for your business success.

Our Team


At CodeHit Solutions, team refreshment is more than just a break; it's a vital boost to our collaborative spirit. Through shared moments of inspiration, laughter, and support, we recharge, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, and dynamic solutions take root.
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